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Volunteer Job Description > Leader

Volunteer Job Description – Leader



©    Lead the horse on a lead line during the lesson, or, if rider is independent, walk / jog alongside the horse’s head within reaching distance of the tied off lead line, providing safety support of the rider.

©    Stand in front of the horse while it is stopped, and provide support in keeping the horse still while the rider is mounting, adjusting, or dismounting.

©    Provide support to the rider as needed in controlling the movement of the horse in forward, back, and side directions.

©    Observe and be aware of the movement of the horse as it is used for the lesson

©    Walk / jog at a lead throughout the arena, negotiating various lesson aids as required for the rider’s participation in their lesson



©    Arrive 30 minutes prior to the lesson to help get the horse ready for the rider.  This will include a brief grooming of the horse, followed by tacking up of the horse using a posted list of required tack.

©    Stand in front of the horse and control its movement at the mount, dismount, and stopping during the lesson.

©    Be aware of potential and perceived dangers by the horse and alert the instructor as needed.

©    Walk / jog with the horse while it carries its rider for the duration of the lesson. Stay within an arm’s length of the horse, and maintain positioning between the nose and shoulder of the horse.


©    Arrive at the Stanwood Equestrian Center 30 minutes prior to the start of the lesson ready to participate

©    Dress appropriately for the weather (indoor arena) and be physically fit at a level that will allow safe participation for the lesson

©    The arena surface is loose dirt, so sturdy walking shoes/boots are recommended, as is a level of fitness to support this type of physical demand

©    Bring a positive attitude and provide a safe environment for the rider to participate in their lesson

©    Work with the instructor, horse, and rider to perform the tasks required in the lesson, creating an atmosphere of independence for the rider, while providing safety for both rider and the horse.

©    Support the instructor in their administration of the lesson by being attentive to the instructions asked of the rider, and working with the horse as needed to aid the rider in carrying these out.

©    Have fun!