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Meet the Staff

Our staff is comprised of certified riding instructors, volunteers, and our horses.

The People

Kathy Bateman

Kathy Bateman
NARHA Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Kathy has long worked with those with special needs. In the mid nineties she started volunteering at Children’s Hospital Therapy Pool, and in 1999 accepted the role of Supervisor, which she held through mid 2006. During that time, she implemented an Adapted Aquatics program which was recognized both locally and nationally as it won awards. In 1999 she started the Stanwood Superstars, a Special Olympics Swim team. Prior to that, an employee of the Sports Club, she worked with the Stanwood School District to add a weekly swim day during which each of the special needs classes at the elementary, middle, and high schools could come to the pool for swimming instruction and recreation.

Kathy has had ongoing volunteer opportunities over the years with the MS Society, DIF, OI, and is a national trainer for the Arthritis Foundation land and water classes.

In addition to caring for the four STR program horses at the barn, she owns two quarter horses, a Clydesdale/Morgan mare, and a full Clydesdale black and white mare.

She enjoys working with those with special needs, and just like in the water, teaming them with a partner that will allow them to optimize their abilities. The ultimate goal would be a 20 acre site that has a therapy pool, therapeutic riding, and a garden, but that is the next step…

The Horses


Kiowa is a ****** year old *****. He is kind and gentle and loves *****



Gem is a *** year old ****. He is **********